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Missouri Paintball Fields

Are you looking for St. Louis Missouri Paintball Fields? Then you have found it! This page is designed to offer you a glimpse into the sport of paintball, Air soft, and laser tag. Safety, rules, playing fields, tips all can be found here and off our links.

As xtreme paintball players are pushing the limits around the world. Versatility, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are common traits of paintball extreme players.

  • Safety is number 1 on and off the Paintball Fields - If you don't know them READ Them!
  • Always keep your mask on when on the playing fields!
  • When not playing, keep your BBD (Barrel Blocking Device) or Plug in!
  • Your marker has a safety, use it any time your not playing in a game.
  • Watch out for other players, make sure they follow rules too. Remember Team Work!
  • Looking for equipment: Many site have great deals on New and Used Equipment.
  • Paintball is great for Birthday Parties, Family Events, Bachelor, School, & Church. Just about anyone can play!
  • Missouri is great for paintball and has some of the best playing fields around!
  • Paintball Airsoft and laser tag offers something for every wacky weekend warrior.
  • Speed ball is a type of playing field: man made level playing surface, equal playing sides.
  • Woods ball is paintball in the woods, mother nature at her best.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions!

    First time players should check out this First time players Guide here: First Time Player Guide

    As our sport continues to grow in the Saint Louis area, as the excitement of extreme paintball takes the world by storm, You need to play! You want to play! Tell your friends, tell your family! Tweet the WORLD about paintball! And visit your local paintball fields!

Missouri Paintball Fields - Feel the excitement!
Check this one off your Bucket List Missouri!

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